Master in Business Administration

Ongoing Activities:
Masters in Business Administration
Capri Campus Council of the Lawyers Academic Year 2022\2023
MBA innovation information intelligence (MBA Innovation processes in information/communication intelligence & national security sectors)
Start of courses: 1 March 2023 (pre-enrolment from 30 September 2022)
MBA Innovation processes in the fields of information/communications intelligence and national security
for lawyers, graduates, entrepreneurs, executives and members of professional associations.
Information and registration:

The Master approved by the COA in the session of 14\9\2022 and established within the Capri Campus (resolution of the Council of the Order of Lawyers of Naples of 12\5\2021), aims to prepare a new ruling class to lead the managerial \ economic challenges determined by the great geo-strategic changes underway. The training path, based on credits that will be certified for each candidate on the basis of an individual advanced training project that will lead to the achievement of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration on Innovation Processes, will be intense, inter-disciplinary, articulated and will have a duration of 8 months, 300 frontal hours ending on 30 August 2023.
The scientific addresses of the Master coincide with the thematic units of the Capri Campus and will be organized as follows (the teaching disciplines and the internships will be different for the various orientations):

  • MBA – Law Management
  • MBA – Business
  • MBA – Journalism
  • MBA – International
  • MBA – Intelligence and Space Domain Awareness
  • MBA – Healthcare/ H.E.S.S.

Articulations are also activated for the Space sectors (In collaboration with Italian and foreign industrial and academic partners, for the development of a path of excellence in the SDA sector or Space Domain Awareness and the connected intelligence relating to the space domain and Healthcare for in-depth analysis of topics related to medicine and space biology and applications of innovative and space research, adaptation to climate change, new materials and processes the President of the Master is Dr. Domenico Quirico, journalist, special correspondent of “La Stampa” Co-ordinator is Avv. Sergio Falcone, Privacy & Security Commission of the Council of the Naples Bar Association.

The Faculty is made up of professors from associated universities, experts from the professional associations and specialist federations of national Confindustria. The Masters (MBA)in Business Administration is divided into face-to-face and remote lessons, with seminars and internship and internship courses, to be carried out at the Capri Campus on the island of Capri, at Confindustria CSIT Rome and the laboratories of the Interuniversity Campus (Capri University Campus , at the Naples COA Privacy & Security Commission at the Galleria Vanvitelli 33 Naples) Background: The Academic Board of the Capri Campus, Higher Education Summer School established by Resolution of the Council of the Lawyers of Naples on 12 May 2021 Prot. 5913, at the conclusion and final balance of the first edition of the Course in Forensic & Security, coordinated by the Privacy & Security Commission and in collaboration with Lond Lancers Company Ltd. UK and We International Arena Ltd. UK, in the final session of 4\6 October 2021, organized the 2022 Master and the scientific and dissemination activities of the thematic units and a cycle of activities was also carried out at the headquarters of host institutions and authorities.
On 3 March 2022 at the Senate of the Republic, Sala Nassiria, in Rome, on 8 April and 9 June at the CUFA of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense in Rome and on 21\24 June in Capri, the Capri Campus held a series of seminars and workshops on innovation, business administration, political strategy, crisis analysis and national security threat profile in the context of the SARS Covid 19 emergency and the Russia-Ukraine crisis, in collaboration with specialist federations of national Confindustria (CSIT, ASAS, INFORAV), with the Order of Journalists of Campania, with the American organization Artificial Intelligence in Action, the University of California SJSU and with the participation of institutions, companies, universities, teachers, experts . In particular, the Capri Campus Workshop on security and intelligence related to Artificial Intelligence developments saw the participation of Google Research, DARPA, NASA AMES and NASA Glenn, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, Novartis, MIT, Intel, NATO and other main players in the new technological revolution underway.

Based on the results and experiences developed, the Board has evaluated continuing the activities of the Capri Campus, Summer Session of the AOC Naples, with a structured Master (MBA) focused on the innovation profiles of the market of goods and services connected to the current international crises and in particular on the role of Law Firms in supporting, also internationally, technology transfer and cooperation, in the information and public communication sector, not only in the political sense but also in the technological sense (including developments in cyber infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence and metaverse ) and more generally of the national security sector, which has become central in the repositioning of the main national production chains. It was therefore evaluated to develop an MBA involving the teachers of the Faculty and the experts who contributed to the most recent seminars and workshops, formalizing the partnership with the sponsoring bodies of the recent initiatives, first of all with the excellences in Confindustria. In the session of 14 September 2022 with prot. 10057\2022 the COA definitively approved the Master (MBA) recognizing 20 professional training credits for participants in the minimum 300 hours of frontal lessons provided and the scholarships funded by City University New York, Security University Virginia and Rotary International New York for suitable candidates. An ad hoc program is promoted to encourage the participation of candidates from countries that are facing political-military crises and in particular the adhesions to the Master of Ukrainian, Somali and Afghan citizens are encouraged and financed.

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